Bay of Islands-Wiroa-Kerikeri Airport - Bay of Islands-Wiroa-Kerikeri Airport (KKE) 218 Wiroa Road

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Bay of Islands-Wiroa-Kerikeri Airport (KKE) 218 Wiroa Road, Kerikeri 0293, New Zealand

Phone : 📞 +97
Postal code : 0293
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Bay of Islands-Wiroa-Kerikeri Airport (KKE) 218 Wiroa Road, Kerikeri 0293, New Zealand
Marlowe Feng on Google

It's a lovely little always has been.
Roslyn O'Malley on Google

Sad to see my grandson fly back home in Auckland, flight crew very caring,
Tony Hancy on Google

Small rural airport and the gateway tho the Bay of Islands! Straight off the plane and out the other side! We could even see our friends waiting on the forecourt to greet us from out of the plane windows as we landed. Fastest baggage reclaim ever!
Lindsay Howitt on Google

Nice new terminal with cafe, hire cars and free parking
Tracey Herselman (Racey) on Google

Incredible experience for first flight thank you Willie
Garian “DJ” Olsen on Google

This airport is one of the most well laid out intuitive and visitor friendly airports I've ever visited, and I've been to Changi several times. In the entry pavilion of the main concourse, the check-in hub is well signposted and easy to find. You can then head straight to the dining precinct without needing to navigate annoying duty free mazes full of touts. There's a wide range of dining options to suit any preference all accessible from a single counter. There's a higher seating to passenger ratio than any other airport in the world. The walk to the departure gate is very brief. Planes turn around remarkable quick and boarding is extremely efficient. All of this is achieved with a single level, no need to negotiate escalators. Security is so easy it's practically invisible. The open air boarding is such a breezy experience on a sunny day. But the best thing of all is there's no snooty class divides here: regardless of your frequent flyer status, all the amenities are available undifferentiated. ALL THE STARS
Marg Acton-Adams on Google

With over 30 people waiting in the Airport the cafe opened 11.40, we viewed food left in cabinets over night and decided on a stale muffins. Would recommend buying a snack and coffee before leaving surrounding district. Such a shame as the Airport itself is great.
Peter Bubendorfer on Google

It’s quite a good airport and has a coffee kiosk that was open early. They are not kidding about check in times! If you are 29 minutes before your flight and not 30 then you have missed it. Also if you have an international connection make sure you are there before 60 minutes. There seems to be no leeway at all for people running late. The airport opens earlier on a Sunday than they say on the website.

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