Nelson Airport - Nelson Airport (NSN) Trent Drive

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Nelson Airport (NSN) Trent Drive, Nelson 7011, New Zealand

Phone : πŸ“ž +799
Postal code : 7011
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Nelson Airport (NSN) Trent Drive, Nelson 7011, New Zealand
Kiwi Josh on Google

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Beautiful new fully refurbished stunning interior and exterior comfortable inner seating with delicious coffee a nice bar for a quick beer before your flight and quick check-in area directly as you enter. Charging ports are at the window seats facing the runway if your running low on battery enjoy your time here.
Michelle Iggulden on Google

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Air New Zealand staff exceptional service, I had a fragile picture to take home on a Nelson-Auckland flight and i was worried about it getting damaged...they went out of their way to make sure it would arrive at the other end in one piece...and that it did. Thanks Air New Zealand staff
Otto Olsson on Google

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One of the most beautiful airport's in New Zealand, but there are limited shops and cafes. It is a tiny airports so it is always quick and easy to get from entrance to gate and vice versa.
Savannah Smith on Google

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Lovely little airport, always is nice and clean. Would be nice of there was a bit more options for shops or food but for a small domestic airport it had everything it needs.
Cory Fernmoor on Google

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Limited and expensive food range in all the shops. Desk staff and operations staff that don't know the rules about dog and animal transport and are rude and aggressive when trying to tell you what they think is right (we were polite and complied even though we didn't have to). Poor customer service skills from every vendor just made a disappointing end to our holiday
Paul O'Donoghue on Google

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Features include a bar, a book and gift shop, and two good coffee options. Modern and clean.
Jan Wells on Google

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Amazing.well laid out easy access to checking in.Plenty of help available. Cafe food good reasonable priced. Enjoyed the layout ,the space . Great to be able to view the planes from up and down stairs. Thought the parking well laid out ,and reasonable priced. Felt very proud of our airport.
Josephine Power on Google

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Delightful small town airport. Easy access off plan via a ramp. Much easier than a flight of steps. 3 minutes walk and you are thru to collect luggage. Beautiful modern spacious clean we'll set out bathrooms. Also have s shower room if needed which could be a nice addition to a weary traveller. The building itself has an amazing wooden roof.

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