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Pete Black Orthopaedics 3/65 Devine Road, Tamahere, Hamilton 3283, New Zealand

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Pete Black Orthopaedics 3/65 Devine Road, Tamahere, Hamilton 3283, New Zealand
cris zollo on Google

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J Li on Google

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very impatient and ego centric surgeon not recommended
Chi M on Google

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Would definitely not recommend - was late for appt, could not manage a basic introduction, appeared to have already made up mind without taking a thorough background and examination was minimal. Overall, highly obnoxious and refused to listen to concerns, which ended up being valid. Turns out this β€˜expert’ missed a vital issue that another surgeon picked up easily... absolutely useless. On top of that have seen a further two patients who ended up with permanent deformities. Shocking to say the least.
Mauricio Kimura on Google

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Had an appointment today to see Mr. Peter Black. Completed the form and waited for his call. He called me on time, sharp and professional. My ankle was evaluated on the spot and manually checked. My MRI was on his screen and had done some useful and understandable observations. Recommended me some further treatment to minimise my symptons without the need to resort to surgery. Rosemary, his secretary, took care of the papers to make sure I sort it out. Great clinic, will be back in 6 weeks for a revaluation.
Damon Rowling on Google

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After seeing this doctor I definitely wouldn't recommend,..although he was able to have simple oneway conversation in general his people skills are appaling...I also found him to be disorganised and forgetful he made one careless error on one of my pyhsio forms that cost me a month of rehabilitation..I have also met 4 other former patients that have had complications and either passed onto some poor pyhsio to deal with or to seek surgery elsewhere....advoid for your health
Scott Fisher on Google

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cant fault the surgeon but the office staff lack basic people skills and compassion
Simon White on Google

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Wow... do not go.. from the moment my partner entered, a rude receptionist yelled at her, yes we are in a pandemic but if you didnt send the F'n email, its not our fault... the receptionist still lacks compassion and basic people skills and should not be in that roll at all. But then again, neither should the doctor. Not once in all the questioning did he even listen, he already made up his mind and no, do not settle for a shot of cortisone. While talking about pain relief, he said "you should go home, sit back and have a joint" while making the smoking sound. There was no talk of medical cannabis, nor the THC oils... he wanted my partner to break the law and buy weed and have a joint. This is not what doctors should do!!! After the whole ordeal, my partner rang up Acc and told them how bad this guy was, and that she wants to see the report. The whole document was lies, she never agreed to more then 70% of the things head wrote down.. this guy treats you like a number and not a person.. i think its time for this guy needs to retire and not do more damage which he would of done if we followed his advice.... now to file a real medical complaint!!!
Michael Watkins on Google

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Good communication easy to sort with acc covering my visit and appointment. Mr Peter Black's building is a good setup and he is also excellent at what he does nice and fast straight to the point. Good baker couple of buildings down to.

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