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A team approach is the only option for successful healthcare. Miriam, my office administrator, provides most of the back-room support and organisation required to keep things running smoothly.

In the operating theatre I work with a dedicated group of experienced and highly trained medical professionals; each with their own role in ensuring you have an exemplary standard of care and safety.

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Hardy Orthopaedics 25 Pembroke Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton West 3204, New Zealand

Phone : πŸ“ž +7899
Postal code : 3204
Website : http://hardyortho.co.nz/
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Hardy Orthopaedics 25 Pembroke Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton West 3204, New Zealand
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The address is 25 Pembroke St, Hamilton - opposite the YWCA, on the corner of Pembroke & Clarence Streets.
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My partner went here for follow up after surgery and was told by chris they would contact him regarding the next step. he didn't hear back so he contacted them and they aparantly made him an appointment but didn't bother to tell him, then blamed him for missing it what a joke! The same doctor was supposed to contact me over a year ago regarding shoulder surgery Auckland hospital said I needed, he decided to tell me also I missed an appointment I never had, even my gp had to keep sending referals, all for him to ask why I hadn't been in for a year..... because you were supposed to make the appointment through the hospital..... that's why! he then proceded to ask me how many times I had been to physio....HA.... yet another funny joke I guess, because last I heard I needed surgery no one told me I needed physio which is now aparantly the case would have been nice to know that 3 years ago after my first lot of appointments insted of being in pain and on a benefit unable to work for 3 years+ .....ATTENTION TAX PAYERS THIS IS WHAT YOU PAY FOR.......come on chris who's supposed to be the doctor here me or you? Cause if it's me I will definitely make my appointments myself however I'm pretty sure it's you ?
emerita baik on Google

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DO NOT GO HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST PLACE EVER BAD SERVICE & MISDIAGNOSIS After years of being in pain, my mother finally went to go see another specialist and he said she was completely misdiagnosed and he struggled to understand why the doctor treated her with not only 1 but two injections, which were not the issue. Not only was the service absolutely appalling, the fact that he misdiagnosed my mother twice demonstrates how awful this place is. If anyone refers you here, I highly recommend not going and requesting somewhere else. Awful treatment, service, literally the worst place ever. Every time you call, even the reception lady is so unfriendly. These are seriously people's lives and they do not show any empathy, care or even attention. Unprofessional for someone that is suppose to help people in one way or another.

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